Poppi Handy  |  Managing Director


Inspired to contribute to her community in a meaningful way, Poppi works with her clients to create vibrant, sustainable developments that have a positive and lasting impact. From rehabilitating an existing historic building, transforming it into a new use or designing a new building to house a child care center or regional non-profit offices, providing thoughtful, conscientious design is a priority. Poppi founded Third Place Design Co-operative in 2014, the first design co-operative in Washington State.  She believes that building community starts from within, so all staff have an equal voice and vote as co-operative members. Poppi is a board member on the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and advocate of affordable and homeless housing. She chairs the King County Landmarks Commission, preserving landmarks which make our region unique. As a LEED Accredited Professional, she believes that all people should benefit from healthier buildings and a healthier planet.