Artspace Mt. Baker Station Lofts
Seattle, WA

Serving the Community: Located adjacent to the Sound Transit Mt. Baker Station, this transit-oriented, mixed-use building is designed to have a strong connection to the station and its passengers. 57 units of artist live-work housing sit above storefront commercial spaces, including a restaurant/café with a small plaza that spills out onto the light rail station’s entry plaza. The streetscape is designed to enhance the pedestrian experience, providing a wide sidewalk and unified planter strip along bustling Rainier Avenue. The planter strip terminates at the bus stop, identifying the transition from the walking experience to the transit experience. Bisecting the rooftop residential amenity space is a lowered roof area. This creates two distinct east and west program use areas that are connected by a series of bridges. The east side program is focused on food production with raised vegetable gardens and workspaces. The west is designed as the community gathering space, featuring a centrally located laundry/community room that opens out onto a community table for shared meals and a social area for lounging with friends and taking group exercise classes.

Unique Features: Achieved the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard

Owner: Artspace

Role: Brent Chastain served as Landscape Architect while at Place + Land. Suzanne Davis served as Architectural Staff while at SMR.