Nipo Downtown Hotel and Residences | Hilton Tru
Seattle, WA

Serving the Community:  The proposed development seeks to aid in the aesthetic direction of this rapidly changing area. It’s direct context is primarily made up of office buildings, parking lots and future mixed use high rises, currently under construction. With the use of glazing and light, contemporary materiality as well as inspiration gleaned from the Art Deco aesthetic of historic downtown Seattle, the design will reinforce the sense of place while adding to the contemporary vocabulary of the evolving neighborhood. 

This project will help fulfill the need for added hotel use in Downtown Seattle while also creating exciting and engaged commercial space accessible to the greater community. It is ideally located near many modes of public transportation and is in a highly walkable neighborhood.

Scope of Work:  The design will incorporate a fully glazed first level, creating maximum visibility and play between exterior and interior space. This will also create a visually exciting affect of a floating structure above. The first floor will contain commercial, restaurant space the hotel lobby, and a gym. Levels 12 through 16 will house market rate apartments with landscaped exterior spaces. 

Owner: Nipo Downtown Hotel LLC

Construction Cost: $44M

Role: Architect, Landscape Architect, Interior Design